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Tom Cavalcante

DC SET have a long-term partnership and are responsible for negotiating the advertising and television contracts with this artist who is considered the biggest name in comedy in Brazil. He has a refined ability to imitate artists, politicians, celebrities and especially give life to everyday people, such as Pitbicha, the drunkard João Canabrava and Ribamar, the doorman.

A comedian, presenter, broadcaster, producer, speaker, director, screenwriter since his first appearance on the national stage in “Escolinha do Professor Raimundo”, he has conquered his area. After “Escolinha”, he left for the sitcom “Sai de Baixo” playing Ribamar the doorman and acting with Luiz Gustavo, Aracy Balabanian, Cláudia Jimenez e Miguel Falabella, and more recently, for the sitcom #partiushopping on Multishow. Tom, along with being a good creator of slang with his characters, also dubs, for Brazilian audiences, the voice of Donkey, the talking donkey from Shrek, one of the most successful characters in American film.

After 15 years at Rede Globo, he accepted an offer from Rede Record, where from 2004 to 2012, where he took root as presenter of the “Show de Tom” (Tom’s Show) and still presented the programmes “Tom de Bola” e “Louca Família”(Mad Family). In 2013, he moved to Los Angeles, in the USA, to improve his knowledge of English and study cinema. In 2016, he returned to Brazil and presented the programme “Multi Tom” on Multishow, as well as touring the country with his show “Stomdup”.

Tom Cavalcante

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