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Roberto Carlos

Since 1993, DC Set has built up a relationship of friendship, trust and professional partnership with Roberto Carlos, the singer who is acclaimed by people of all ages and social classes in the country and renowned around the world as King of Latin music. Throughout this partnership represented by Dody Sirena, the artist’s personal agent and co-founder of DC SET, shows and tours (national and international) have been produced;

Products have been launched in the market; Special projects involving the artist have been conducted; Relationships have been developed with Rede Globo and Sony Music, companies which the artist has a long-term contract; and sponsors and partnerships have been facilitated with Nestlé, Credicard, Banco Itaú, Racco, Citibank, among others.
For DC SET it is a privilege to work with an artist of such magnitude, skill and talent.

One of the first young icons of Brazilian culture. He led the first large rock movement in Brazil, baptized by the Jovem Guarda (TV Record) program, presented by Roberto. More than 600 songs written in a career of more than 50 years. The best-selling artist in the history of the country. More than 120 million records sold, hundreds of gold, platinum and diamond records. The legend: Roberto Carlos is for South America, like the Beatles to England and Frank Sinatra and Elvis for the USA. In 2010, during an awards ceremony at the Radio City Music Hall, the then-president of Sony Music, Richard Sanders, named him the King of Latin music. A Latin singer to sell more records than the Beatles and Elvis. An icon of credibility, romanticism and religion. In the 60s, he was already warning the world about ecological problems. It is no coincidence that the Apple Store chose his hits to mark the launch of the iTunes Store in Brazil, and his releases took him to first in the sales in two weeks. For more information on the singer, visit his official website www.robertocarlos.com.

Roberto Carlos
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