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Emotions Projects Lake Paradise

In order to extend the itinerary of Roberto Carlos’ shows along the Brazilian coast, we present the Emotions Projects Lake Paradise. Come witness new and unforgettable Emotions at Club Med Lake Paradise, located in the region of “Alto Tietê”, one hour from São Paulo, on the beautiful lake shoreline and decorated by the renowned French architect Marc Hertrich. The Club Med Lake Paradise the perfect place to relax if you need a break from the big cities to live pleasant moments with family and friends.

One of the most famous songs of Roberto Carlos, "Emoções" has become the theme of this successful project. It all started in 2005 with the purpose of bringing together friends and admirers to share unique and unforgettable moments. In this new project everything is very special, exclusive and made on-demand for those who'd like to sing along with the idol, remembering good moments and memories of life through the songs.

The first edition, in 2005, called Emotions Projects Project, was aboard a luxurious and fun transatlantic, that sailed through a piece of the brazilian coast. The project became a benchmark in nautical tourism for 12 years, and already had more than 50 thousand passengers, and also inspired other projects like Emotions Projects in Jerusalém (2012), Emotions Projects in Las Vegas (2014) and Emotions Projects "Praia do Forte" (2017), and all had great success in an enchantment and trusted environment.

Emotions Projects Lake Paradise

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