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DC Set Shows e Eventos

DC Set has specialized in the design and production of events for more than thirty years. The operation which started by organizing university Dances grew, evolved and boosted the company’s entry into the entertainment market, putting on large international shows in Brazil, which up until that point in the 80s was unimaginable.

At a time when the agents of famous international artists were scared to tour in such a big country, the two friends from Rio Grande do Sul (gaúchos) began to gain credibility, appearing as a viable and reliable alternative for the production of shows.

In their early twenties, they were gaining the trust of foreign businessmen with the courage to open an office in Los Angeles at the start of the 80s to better understand the world of the big music stars, even though they could not speak English. They were hanging out with international producers who learnt about the new market emerging in South America and the best way to be ahead of their time.

Among the mega-shows brought over by DC Set Events were Michael Jackson, Pavarotti, Broadway shows, 1988 gold-medal Soviet gymnasts, illusionist David Copperfield’s tours and stars of pop and rock.

At the start of the 90s, when Roberto Medina was thinking of putting on a new Rock in Rio, he consulted market experts among record labels and agents to see who could be the best producer. All spoke of the young Gaucho, and this was how Dody Sirena presented the innovative concept which would materialize five years later with Planeta Atlântida (Planet Atlantis) for Rock in Rio 1991.

The tented structure and a number of stages of this multimedia concept, which is the Planeta Atlântida festival, became a reference for various festivals in Brazil, including the 2001 Rock in Rio 2001 and the editions in Lisbon and Madrid. At these events, DC Set was responsible for the contracting of all the national and international artists, as well as the production of the show for more than 200 thousand people.

This was the start for Dody Sirena e Cicão Chies as the heads of DC Set Promotions, creating a network of promoters who were capable of including Brazil and South America in the circuit of worldwide tours. The mindset of “everyone growing together” continued to be the emphasis of their business, as was loyalty to partners. Hence, those who worked or did business with DC Set, from sponsors to producers, from artists to service providers, formed a network of excellent professionals and friends.

DC Set Shows e Eventos

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